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Jin Gates

Jin’s music is inspired by his troubled upbringing which sent him down a path of the streets throughout many different areas on the East Coast. The music often dives into his hardship and the progression to now enjoying the fruits of his labor. Jin had to sacrifice whether it was sleeping on couches in parts of Brooklyn, Jersey, Philadelphia or generally wherever his hustle could generate the most profit. Jin had several run-ins with the law although he did attempt to lead a positive life as he went on to obtain his Associates Degree in Business & Marketing. Around the age of 25 Jin was set up by an associate which caused his most debilitating run in with the law, where the police had arrested him and confiscated $500K worth of valuables and merchandise.

Jin has picked up key co-signs from many prominent hip-hop/rap influencers such as DJ Khaled, 50 Cent, Maino, Freeway, Gillie Da Kid, Fred The Godson, Ben Baller and several other artists. Maino makes the claim that Jin is one of the “King of Asia in the Hip-Hop World”. Floyd Mayweather has also been a prominent cosign of Jin, standing behind his music and entrepreneurial endeavors. Funk Flex drops bombs on Jin’s music at NY’s Hot 97 while Philly’s Power 99 and the Sixers regularly stand behind his music on the radio and at the games. Jin is determined to push the culture forward not just for personal gain but for many in the asian community who share his heritage and love for hip-hop.

With less than a year of officially creating music Jin Gates already has acquired several million views on YouTube and iconic hip-hop site WSHH (Worldstar) for his music. Jin career is rapidly progressing as he is reaching millions of his fans with each project he releases.

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