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Why we’re different – Jin Gates

Jin Gates, once known for his impactful music rooted in the gritty realities of East Coast streets, has now transitioned into a role that many wouldn't have predicted โ€“ a dynamic entrepreneur and a revered mentor/motivational speaker. His music, originally a reflection of the adversities and triumphs of his life, has now laid the foundation for his mission to inspire and elevate others.

From sleeping on various couches spanning Brooklyn to Philadelphia, Jin's resilience knew no bounds. Even during the tumultuous times, he sought knowledge, pursuing his Associate's Degree in Business & Marketing. His passion and determination became evident when, against overwhelming odds, he emerged stronger after a major setback at 25, involving a betrayal and significant legal ramifications.

Attention to Detail

Over the years, Jin earned recognition from industry giants such as DJ Khaled, 50 Cent, and Floyd Mayweather, not only for his music but also for his entrepreneurial flair. Dubbed as the "King of Asia in the Hip-Hop World" by Maino, Jin's influence has permeated diverse spheres, from the radio waves of NY's Hot 97 to the basketball courts during Philadelphia 76ers' games.


But as life has shown Jin, success is not just about personal accolades. Today, he's channeling his energy to push forward not only the music culture but to embolden others, especially those from the Asian community. His message is one of resilience, hope, and transformation. With his years of experience in the music industry and a heart aimed at making a difference, Jin is set on a mission to empower the next generation, sharing wisdom from his own journey, encouraging millions to pursue their dreams and rise above challenges.

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